Second chance, seminar in the Ucciardone bunker room

Crivop Italia Odv, on the occasion of the XIV National Conference, where prison volunteers from various Italian cities will meet, organizes a seminar, scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday 10 December), thanks to the participation of Cesvop (Voluntary Service Center Palermo), at 9.30, entitled Second chancein the bunker room of the Ucciardone-Calogero Di Bona prison in Palermo.

«This year – says Michele Recupero, president and founder of Crivop Italia Odv – after a long period of forced stop, we thought about a topic that is close to everyone’s heart, especially those who believe that the prison sentence should aim at the reintegration thus offering a second chance. And don’t limit yourself, therefore, to the mere sanction of the prisoner”.

A large presence of volunteers working in the penitentiary sector is foreseen. The seminar will be attended by Cosima Buccoliero, director of the prison in Turin, who will present her latest book, Senza Sbarre, Fabio Prestopino, director of Ucciardone in Palermo, Giovanni Fiandaca, guarantor of the rights of prisoners in Sicily, and other national authorities and regional.

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