Sebastiano Adragna’s last photos before the Marsala accident: a smile and a coffin, reckless car chase.

Sebastiano Adragna, also known as Balotelli, before dying in a car accident that occurred in Marsala, had posted on Instagram a photo showing the dashboard of a car with the speedometer indicating almost 200 km/h, while driving on the Palermo – Mazara del Vallo highway. He also included two emojis, a smile and a coffin. The photo was later removed.

This image circulating on social media stories, along with photos commemorating March 24, 2021, is shocking: Adragna takes a picture of his car, takes a selfie, unaware that the images posted in the stories are the last of his life.

A radio speaker from Marsala, he died last night following a car accident on the state road 188 to Salemi, at the height of Contrada Chitarra, in a rural area.

After the news of his death spread, many people on social media posted messages of support for his family.

Le ultime foto di Sebastiano Adragna prima dell’incidente a Marsala: uno smile e una bara, folle corsa con l’auto

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