Sea Watch ship saves 40 migrants, 4 disappear at sea, heading to Pozzallo

The non-profit organization, Sea Watch, has reported that their ship, Aurora, prevented an illegal pushback by the Libyan coast guard, saving around 40 people from a wooden boat. They are now heading towards Pozzallo, the designated port assigned by the Italian authorities, which is approximately 370 km away. However, they were unable to save some individuals as they had already been captured and taken on board the Libyan coast guard’s ship, which will illegally return them. The coast guard attempted to intimidate Sea Watch and took the engines of the wooden boat. The rescued migrants shared that four people who were onboard the boat had fallen into the sea and were lost amidst the waves during the previous night.

La nave di Sea Watch salva 40 migranti ma 4 spariscono tra le onde, ora è diretta a Pozzallo

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