Scudetto party in Milan Yes, no to the reopening of fashion, catering and events, protests in Palermo | BlogSicily

  • Confcommercio Palermo now he is asking for reopening after the case of the Milan party
  • Event sector workers outraged after Inter’s Scudetto party
  • Protest from the world of weddings, fashion, events and discos

“Has celebrating a championship in the square become an essential activity? Do the fans of a football team have a particular Ateco code? ”. The presidents of all categories linked to the events sector, adhering to Confcommercio Palermo, ask, with great indignation. Images of Piazza Duomo in Milan they clash with the situation in the sector, still “closed for Covid” even after the latest decree.

Furious Palermo entrepreneurs

Maurizio Cosentino, president of Assocom and delegate of Confcommercio for all sectors concerning the organization of events, he says he received dozens of messages from furious entrepreneurs after the Inter Scudetto party. “We have been abandoned by the state – he says – without economic support, without the suspension of the fiscal and tax burden and without prospects in the short and medium term, considering that in the decree there is still no mention of reopening for our sectors. Albeit in safety and with precise protocols, which are a guarantee “.

Many face paralysis of their activities

Meanwhile, thousands of people, including entrepreneurs and employees who are already exhausted, will have to deal with yet another paralysis of their activities. “The State – adds Daniela Cocco, president of the Designers and Fashion Brands Association – keeps us still for two seasons, as if we were the greasers and then allows gatherings like the one in Milan, as predictable as they are dangerous. We are indignant. We will ask for an urgent meeting to the representatives of the Region so that they will be spokespersons in Rome of our situation and the needs of our sector which represents an important voice for the economy of Sicily. We cannot accept further restrictions, however unjustified ”.

Protest of the florists

“In 30,000 – observes Gioacchino Vitale, president of the Confcommercio Florists – they can stand in a square, embracing each other, without respecting the safety distances, often even without even the mask, with the sole aim of celebrating a football success; in “real” life, on the other hand, the life that concerns thousands of entrepreneurs who have been denied the right to work, discusses the distances to be kept during ceremonies or the danger of events which, moreover, are regulated by strict protocols. An unbearable discrimination “.

Catering stopped for over a year

“The catering and banqueting activities – underlines Antonio Cottone, president of Fipe Confcommercio Palermo – have been literally eliminated and together with them many entrepreneurs who work in the events sector and guaranteed work for thousands of workers, often occasional and without social protection. Many of these run the risk of never reopening ”.

And the wedding awaits

“A slap in the face of our dignity and our work has come from Milan – adds Michela Cannatella, president of the Wedding Planner Confcommercio Palermo -. We waste rivers of words to convince our customers to resist, to wait and to reshape their projects in compliance with precise rules and then we have to deal with these wicked events, made possible by the total absence of controls. We have protocols and guidelines ready for the restart because we are used to working in advance but the state must allow us to restart “.

At the chorus of protests the dance clubs

“Despite the closure of our activities – adds Vincenzo Grasso, president of Silb dance clubs – the infections have increased throughout the winter, it is clear that it is not our sectors that favor the spread of the infection and that more effective measures must be rethought without limiting the right to work and free enterprise. Precisely for this reason we are working on new protocols that guarantee the opening of our activities with the safety of customers. We will do everything to save the season ”.