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Scoma “I do not intend to withdraw my candidacy for mayor of Palermo”

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PALERMO (ITALPRESS) – “I have no intention of retiring as a candidate for mayor of Palermo”.
The deputy of the League, Francesco Scoma, denies the Italpress agency the rumors that he is ready to give up the race to the Municipality of Palermo.
“My electoral campaign – says the parliamentarian indicated by the Carroccio as a candidate for the office of mayor in the Sicilian capital at the next administrative offices – is already quite advanced.
I am not afraid to confront myself neither with Cascio nor with Lagalla ”.
“My candidacy – continues Scoma – can only be questioned by my regional secretary, Nino Minardo, or by the national secretary of my party, Matteo Salvini.
If you consider this optimal choice for the new symbol Prima L’Italia.
I’m not afraid to compare myself with anyone.
I consider the reconstructions that are circulating completely futuristic …
and also incorrect! I would be ready, I repeat, to reconsider my candidacy only if Minardo or Salvini ask me, if they really consider it useful for a new symbol! “.