Science and well-being: UniMe and Alumnime celebrate World Health Day

Tomorrow 7 April, at 10 am, the conference on New Frontiers of Science and Health Protection organized by the University of Messina and the Alumnime Association to celebrate World Health Day will take place on the Microsoft Teams platform.

After the greetings of the rector of the University of Peloritan, prof. Salvatore Cuzzocrea, and the president of the Alumnime association, prof Vittoria Calabrò, the works will start under the chairmanship of prof. Giuseppe Gembillo to whom the conclusions have also been entrusted. To follow the reports of the professors Joseph Navarra of the University of Messina (The operating room of the future), Massimo Villari of the University of Messina (AI and blockchain in the health sector), Pietro Salvo of the IFC-CNR of Pisa (Smart devices for air quality monitoring and human health), Claudia Turin of the IFC-CNR of Reggio Calabria (Smart Cities and Healthy Aging), Rocco Salvatore Calabrò of the IRCSS Neurolesi Bonino-Pulejo of Messina (Robotic systems for Neurorehabilitation: evidence and perspectives), Francesca Rigano University of Messina (Precision Medicine: the role of analytical chemistry in life sciences), Maurizio Lanfranchi University of Messina (The future of the food system: consumer nutrition after the pandemic), Maria Paola Gervasi of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria (New technologies and medical responsibility: proof of the etiological link).

The event renews the synergy between the University of Messina and the association of Alumnime alumni and is part of the cycle of events designed to celebrate some “World Days” such as the one on the rights of people with disabilities (3 December) and the one on freedom of press (May 3). The event is being accredited for the recognition of 0.25 cfu to students of the University of Messina . To follow the conference:

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