Scicli circus: Tribune collapse causes panic and injury

A tragedy was narrowly avoided last night in Scicli. The stands set up inside the circus on Via San Nicolò collapsed while spectators were inside. First a noise, then the collapse. Among the spectators there were screams and a lot of fear as everyone rushed to escape. The show was interrupted, circus staff evacuated the tent, and meanwhile the rescue teams arrived. The fire brigade secured the tent and the 118 medical personnel were also on the scene. One woman was injured, suffering from various abrasions and she also had a panic attack during the escape from the circus, and was taken to the Maggiore hospital in Ragusa. Many children were present, some of whom left the tent in tears. An investigation will be opened to understand the reason for the collapse of the stands and to determine responsibility.

Scicli, cede la tribuna di un circo: panico tra gli spettatori, una ferita

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