Sciara, c’agghiorna first: the story of Salvatore Carnevale’s mother on stage in Marsala

A theatrical performance capable of making the heartbeat of a mother “feel” the first mother who sided, together with her son, against inequalities, for the conquest of labor rights and above all against the MAFIA.

The opera “Sciara – Prima c’agghiorna” written and interpreted by Luana Rondinelli, taken from the novel “Francesca Serio. La madre” by Franco Blandi, with the music of “I Musicanti” by Gregorio Caimi.

With the poetry that distinguishes it, Luana Rondinelli’s writing in the Sicilian language manages to combine the beauty and rawness of truth. Thus the spectators enter the world of Francesca Serio, mother of Salvatore Carnevale and understand her strength, modernity, strenuous will, the courage that is the son of a large and equally courageous family where “li fimmini su uniti” and therefore “si crisci there is so much strength that there is none for anyone”.

Seven chapters set to music by Gregorio Caimi to get to know Salvatore/Turiddro from the time he was born, i.e. from “Lu partu”, until his death. All through the eyes of the first “socialist mother” in history, who is not afraid to face the mafia and above all to denounce the murderers of her son. An extremely modern show directed by Giovanni Carta: “Franca Serio is a Sicilian mother and in our history, as in reality, she will become a contemporary mother also thanks to the body, the sound, the matter of our language, which from time to time it can transform itself into a caress or a claw and, in any case, remain indelible”. Luana Rondinelli explains: “I divided the text into seven scenes (Lu Parto, Lu Travagghio, Sciara, Politics, Threats, The Mafia and Lu Parto) plus a painful dirge dedicated to Salvatore Carnevale and I imagined Francesca from the first moment takes his son in his arms, from that moment they will be linked in an incredible life path to defend others and subvert with their courage that system that no one had ever rebelled against, out of fear.

But a mother fears nothing when she has to defend her child. She has no limits ”.

Courage, love, civil passion are dressed in notes thanks to the musicians: Dario Li Voti – percussion; Gianluca Pantaleo – double bass; Natale Montalto – accordion; Vincenzo Toscano – cello; Gregorio Caimi – guitars; Debora Messina – Voice.

Given the historical, artistic and ethical value of the work, the publisher Ottavio Navarra also believed in the project. In fact, the opera “Sciara – Prima c’agghiorna” has become a book/audiobook, taken from the show, in Sicilian and translated into Italian, accompanied by scene photos in the graphic design by Manolo Linares which will be presented on January 5 in the theater Sollima, after the theatrical performance. “We believed that this story deserved to be experienced over and over again. We wanted it to become a resource and that it could reach homes, or rather families. On the other hand, a family was born right inside. Hence the project to make a book and an audio/book that everyone can take with them and revive forever”, explains Gregorio Caimi, supervisor of the editorial project.

The appointment is for next January 5 at 18.30.

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