Sciacca, port invaded by waste: more checks on fishing boats


«We are working on two lines, the first is the control of waste produced by fishing boats. Since the trawler is a company, it has the obligation to dispose of waste pursuant to the consolidated environmental text. You must keep a waste form on board and we must verify its correct disposal. In addition, we are proceeding with a review of the waste collection plan, issued in 2009, but the person responsible for the disposal of waste in the port area has never been identified ».

This was stated by the commander of Circomare di Sciacca, vessel lieutenant Giuseppe Giannone, committed to facing a particular state of degradation that is recorded in the port area.

The area is targeted by saccensi who, coming from every part of the city, abandon waste on the quay. There are, however, other wastes concerning the fishing activity that are found in the port area and Circomare, as Giannone says, for this reason operates on several fronts.

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