Sciacca police halt beach show and music event: certificate missing.

The police in Sciacca (Agrigento) have put a stop to an entertainment event, the Bilboa Vertical Tour by Radio Deejay, which had been taking place on the beach of Foggia since yesterday and was supposed to conclude tonight. The organizers were ordered to immediately suspend the show and music. The DJ set was dismantled amidst the surprise of participants and other beachgoers. It seems that there was a lack of specific certification required for the event’s safety. The mayor and some councilors also visited the area. The next and final stop of Radio Deejay’s Bilboa Vertical Tour will be in San Vito Lo Capo from August 18th to 20th.

Sciacca, la polizia ferma show e musica con giochi sulla spiaggia: manca un certificato

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