Sciacca is a candidate for the role of “City of civil marriages”

The municipality of Sciacca is a candidate for the role of “City of weddings”. The initiative is of the municipal administration, which is preparing a special regulation that aims to encourage weddings and civil rites both inside the municipal house and in different places in the city (historic and monumental buildings, gardens and museums).

“It is a proposal – says the councilor for strategic promotion of the territory Francesco Dimino – which aims to enhance a phenomenon that already exists, and which sees us as recipients of numerous requests received by couples from all over Italy and also from somewhere. of the world, who choose Sciacca to join in civil marriage. We now want to try to transform this trend into a tourism enhancement project in all respects ».

The attempt is also to find an agreement with the state property to allow the possibility of weddings in one of the beaches of Sciacca. The aim of the municipality is to increase the number of visitors, enhance the reputation and image of Sciacca, improve the tourist positioning, contribute to seasonal adjustment and generate an important inducement for hoteliers ». The municipality of Sciacca is also carrying out a project to make the city a privileged place for the LGBT community itself, promoting specific initiatives in favor of hotel accommodation and integration for homosexuals.

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