“Schools forbidden to hundreds of Sicilian students due to bureaucracy”

Drafting 14 September 2021 16:24

Share “Despite the rules and guidelines approved to clarify, despite the availability of sums allocated by the ARS in the summer to ensure coverage of expenses, for the umpteenth time the school year begins in chaos and with reduced services for disabled students of the high schools. And never as this time it is impossible not to point to a blind and insensitive bureaucracy, entrenched behind bureaucratic quibbles by Azzeccagarbugli “. The complaint comes from the regional deputy Marianna Caronia. The parliamentarian attacks in a very hard way the bodies, the Region, Metropolitan Cities and Free Consortia, “which are also determining for the start of the school year 21-22 those that she defines as unacceptable delays and complications that will effectively prevent access to school. hundreds of students “. The reference is to the story of the boys and girls who need personal hygiene assistance, “who – he explains in a note – were asked to provide a certificate issued by the Uvm-Multidisciplinary Evaluation Units, which, however, are never in Sicily were activated due to the absence of a decree implementing the national legislation. In short, families must produce a certificate that no one can issue “. Some “lucky ones” have had a “replacement” certificate from the relevant Aspects, but the vast majority of students will not be able to have the service, which means they will not be able to go to school. Only in Palermo, according to the data reported by the parliamentarian, compared to 187 students enrolled and who requested assistance, only 59 would have obtained the replacement certificate. Situation partially better but still chaotic in terms of assistance to autonomy and communication, which concerns thousands of students with sensory or cognitive disabilities (over 2000 between Palermo, Catania and Messina, plus hundreds more in the smaller provinces): not for everyone they expect a guaranteed service at the beginning of the year, and also with great uncertainties for the future since the contracts with the specialized personnel have been signed, by the Metropolitan City of Palermo, only until 9 October, despite with a a specific regional regulation has been guaranteed to cover expenditure for the entire year. For Marianna Caronia, “we are facing a real bureaucratic barrier, which becomes a physical barrier to access to schools for hundreds of students. A situation in which the regional government, if it does not want to be an accomplice, must act and do it quickly , commissioning non-compliant bodies in applying the guidelines and eliminating any bureaucratic barrier and quibble that makes it impossible for students to enjoy the sacrosanct right to study “.

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