Schools closed in Lampedusa and Porto Empedocle, the Region changes its mind

Schools closed in Porto Empedocle and Lampedusa due to the excessive number of Covid positives? The Region changes its mind after just over an hour.

After the issuance of the provision that, starting from Monday, stopped the lessons in the presence in the schools of the two municipalities of the Agrigento area in application of the Dpcm Draghi which sets a threshold of 250 positive cases per 100 thousand inhabitants under which the closure of the schools, shortly after a rectification order was issued because, as we had anticipated, the presence of migrants housed in the quarantine ships and at the hotspot of the largest of the Pelagias obviously weighed on the number of cases.

Risk of gatherings: transit ban in San Leone on the weekend

Already in recent days it was the mayor Ida Carmina who denounced how 50 cases were included in the ASP report that were not, in fact, in the territory.

Raffadali, too many registered cases: all schools closed

Meanwhile, today, signed by the mayor of Agrigento Franco Micciché, after the four new positive students at Covid at the scientific and humanities high school “Politi”, he decided to suspend classes. The same measure was taken for the Empedocles high school.

Five positive students at Covid: lessons at “Empedocle” suspended

“The ASP, having taken note of the modalities of onset of the infection, the speed of propagation for suspected English variant and the high number of close contacts and occasional contacts – says a note from the Authority – proposed suspension temporary teaching activity in the presence of the Liceo ‘Politi’ from tomorrow 5 March to Friday 19 March “.

A measure that was implemented independently for all schools by the mayor of Raffadali (a municipality not mentioned in the note from the Region tonight) due to the high number of infections.

(updated at 10.30pm)