Schifani tries to keep Forza Italia-DC alliance alive at European crossroads

Although orphaned by Silvio Berlusconi, who is mentioned by every leader, Forza Italia returns from Taormina, after two days of high-level meetings under the slogan of good governance, with further certainties after Paestum and Pescara: the party is there, pleased with a vitality that has not been seen for some years and comforted by polls and enrollments that show growth, aiming to take over the leadership of the moderate area of the country. The crucial turning point will be the upcoming territorial congress phase concluding in February in Rome with the election of the party’s national secretary and the opening of the election campaign for the European elections. This is a fundamental juncture, that Renato Schifani, president of the region, has focused on. He has emphasized the importance of the Forza Italia symbol, expressing a vision for the party’s future collaboration with the Dc of Totò Cuffaro. However, Maurizio Gasparri warns about hasty alliances due to the 4% threshold for the European elections. There is cautiousness regarding a potential agreement with the Dc of Totò Cuffaro, as Gasparri mentions that their executives will assess the situation in Sicily. Cuffaro emphasizes the national presence of the Dc and expresses his gratitude for the invitation to form a joint list for the European elections with the Ppe. Despite some concerns from the Sicilian Forza Italia leadership, Schifani keeps the political channel open, pointing out the importance of broadening their electoral strength to intercept the moderate and popular area after the failure of the Third way.

Snodo europee, Schifani prova a tenere in piedi l’alleanza Forza Italia-Dc

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