Schedule provided by the Anti Covid Decree until 22.00, Galluzzo: Sicily can not stay there.

Pino Galluzzo, regional deputy to the Ars:
“I asked the president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci to speak with the national government to change his mind on the time that will impose a total stop by decree from 10 pm to 5 am until mid-summer.
“We must respect the rules, of course, but at ten in the evening in Sicily we are still thinking about what to dine or what to order”. Galluzzo’s is not irony, but an objective fact that in our region in the summer becomes a canon also for the domestic economy. “Many companies, clubs and businesses in general – says Galluzzo – are family-run and the possibility of becoming a yellow zone, considering the low number of infections, would allow Sicily to recover. It is an ordinance that does not take into account the habits of Sicilians and that must evaluate aspects based on zonal, seasonal and regional criteria.
Tourism, commercial activities, restaurants, small entrepreneurs, seasonal businesses, and I think in saying this to the whole region and its smaller islands, cannot and will not be able to endure a block of this type. It is a common sense choice.

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