Scarpinato and museum price increases in Sicily: “Valle dei Templi charges 10 euros, while Duomo di Milano charges 22”

Francesco Scarpinato, regional councillor for Cultural Heritage, spoke at a conference in Caltanissetta about the free entry to Sicilian museums and parks, stating that the rest of Italy is copying this measure. He also mentioned the increase in museum fees and the need to review them. The region is currently consulting with cultural heritage professionals to potentially adjust the tariffs. Scarpinato emphasized that Sicilians, minors, disabled individuals, and their companions will continue to have free entry. He questioned why Sicilians have to pay while tourists do not, citing the high fees charged at other popular sites in Italy. He also mentioned the significant amount of money spent by American tourists in Sicily and argued that a few extra euros should not be an issue for them to see Sicily’s beauty.

Scarpinato e i rincari nei musei siciliani: «Alla Valle dei Templi si pagano 10 euro, al Duomo di Milano 22»

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