Scam goes up in smoke: Elderly man assaulted and robbed in Sardinia, young man from Adrano arrested

A 20-year-old from Adrano, wanted since August, was arrested in Livorno for trying to scam a 75-year-old man in Villasor, in Sardinia. The young man, along with an accomplice, had attempted the scam known as the “mirrors scam” but when the elderly man did not fall for it, they attacked him and damaged his car with a metal bar before fleeing with his wallet. The victim reported the incident to the authorities, who started an investigation and eventually arrested the young man. The elderly man suffered numerous injuries and was taken to the hospital. The young man already had previous similar incidents on his record and was arrested on the eve of Ferragosto.

La truffa dello specchietto va in fumo, anziano picchiato e rapinato in Sardegna: arrestato un giovane di Adrano

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