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At dawn on Sunday 3 July, at the Scala dei Turchi, a traveling show will be held that will follow the morphology and nature of the place and in a unique setting.

At dawn on next Sunday, July 3, on the beach of Punta Grande of the Scala dei Turchi – which just a few months ago was smeared – there will be a traveling show that will follow the morphology and nature of the place and in a unique setting.

The path of the Costa Realmontina which goes from near the Scala dei Turchi to the Roman villa of Punta Grandefrom the 1st century AD.

The gong struck three times will announce the arrival of Hades And Persephone with her handmaid from the underworld.
They will advance in procession with fire and torches in front of the public.
Hades, played by the artist Turi Scandura, juggler of fire, will perform with a show of juggling, while Demeter, will advance from the audience.
Hades will greet the bride and return to the sea (the underworld).
Persephone will greet her mother Demeter and they will take center stage, having the Scala dei Turchi as a backdrop.

At that point Persephone, played by Beatrice Gucciardoshe will begin and sing a song, without music, accompanied by the warble of her handmaid, soprano Klizia Prestia.
Demeter will greet her daughter in Greek and will begin to tell her story, hence her myth.
The rising of the sun, the sound of a horn will announce the new day.

Demeter will invite to life and one by one 10 musicians will rise from the audience to coordinate a flash mob which will see the execution of the Ravel’s Bolero under the direction of Carlo Scibettathe yoga of the sun salutation and the visit with environmental excursion guides through the Mediterranean scrub, to talk about the genesis of the Scala dei Turchi, the White Marl and the various geological eras, up to the Roman Villa.

Guest actor Giovanni Volpe who will read a monologue written especially for the event, referring to an epitaph from the first century BC.

“The last part of the event will invite the joy of living through Mediterranean songs and music, as Mediterranean is the myth of Demeter and Persephone – he says Angela Roberto, President of Archeoclub D’Italia in Agrigento – All remembering the words of Pindar who calls Akragas.
We will have the throne of Persephone.
But last but not least readings, monologues, acrobatic dances, Mediterranean dances, there will also be a belly dancer, as an invitation to sensuality and rebirth through Mediterranean music to celebrate the arrival of Persephone on Earth ”.
A tasting of products at km 0 from the Park lands, such as honey, fruit juice and Girgentana goat’s milk, is planned.

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