Satellite images and journalism, land and business: the Arca Consortium workshop


Event location: Arca Consortium Viale delle Scienze

Event date: From 09/24/2019 to 09/24/2019

Event cost: entry with registration

The # Space4City 2019 tour starts in Palermo Build Your Own Space. The free workshop that will take place in Arca on Tuesday 24 September from 9 to 18 is focused on satellite data to make the most of the advantages of this technological scenario, so new and full of opportunities.
Did you know that satellite images can simplify your work, the operations you perform daily and optimize the way you do journalism?

During the workshop we will analyze the state of the art of Earth observation by providing useful elements to define the optimal combination of performance, technologies and costs in the use of satellite images in our activities. Through some examples we will analyze "the present and the future", how we operate today and how we will be able to operate in the future. Exploring the scenario of very high resolution satellite data and their various applications.

The workshop will also serve as preparation for the Hackathon Copernicus – Bari 2019 which will take place from 11 to 13 October, to "touch" data, software and services. The workshop is aimed at: developers, innovators, researchers, graphic designers, data journalists and experts in various disciplines to explore the full potential of Copernicus satellite data and, who knows, give birth to startups or new businesses.

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