Santuzza di Palermo is back among its people

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For the 398th Festino di Santa Rosalia the parade returns, from the Cathedral to the sea, with a “set” of musical scores and traditional fireworks.
The program

A choral partyconceived and shared by a large and participatory work group that collaborated to compose and implement in a very short time the program of the 2022 edition which entrusts the music the saving message of overcoming the pandemic.

After two years of suspension, the Feast of Santa Rosalia back among the people, where for 398 years it has renewed the rite of rebirth of the city, representing and giving body to its different souls, to its secular and religious nature.

As per tradition, the triumphal chariot (here you will find the detailed route) will parade along the Cassaro il July 14through a musical path “To stations”, which will start from Porta Nuova / Palazzo Reale and will stop at the Cathedral, in Piazza Vigliena, at the intersection with Via Roma, at the Mura delle Cattive and, finally, will arrive at the Palchetto della Musica for a last musical greeting before the highly anticipated fireworks.

In front of the wagon, in the front row along the entire route, doctors, nurses, civil protection, law enforcement, the Red Cross will parade as a sign of gratitude for those who during the pandemic saved human lives at the cost, often of their own.

“Song against the plague” is the title of this edition and “Nine orchestras and a prayer” is the subtitle and synthesis of the artistic program, a mosaic of contributions donated by the main cultural institutions of the city.

“The Festino di Santa Rosalia is more than a party, – said the mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla – it is a great community moment that attracts, involves, integrates, embraces, pacifies.
It is a way of being in Palermo, which every year renews the community pact that allows it to be reborn from problems and go back to looking at the future, together “.

To implement this choral action, the Municipality of Palermo has activated a working group within the administration (with the organizational coordination of Gaspare Simeti) and an artistic direction committee, coordinated by Maurizio PaperVice Rector of the University of Palermo.

The committee is formed by the University of Palermo, by the Teatro Massimo Foundation in Palermo, by the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, by the Biondo Stabile Theater Foundation in Palermo, by the “Alessandro Scarlatti” State Music Conservatory, by the Federico Foundation II, by The Brass Group Foundation and the Sant’Elia Foundation, which have made their human, cultural and artistic resources available.

These are being accompanied in progress by other institutions and cultural subjects of the metropolitan city with the aim of giving life to a festival that is the expression of a collective way of governing the city and of a policy that looks to the common good.

«This feast – says the Archbishop, Msgr.
Corrado Lorefice, – especially after the years of the pandemic, it cannot and must not be a reason for evasion, for alienation.
But a reason for real celebration.
He asks us to sing together – strengthened by a rediscovered community and fraternal sense of life ».

Of the very long list of protagonists engaged along the Cassaro, in the nine stations foreseen by the route of the Chariot, among others are part: Pamela Villoresi And Except Piparo (reciting voices on the cart), Miriam Palma, Maurizio Maiorana and Marta Piazza (solo voices on the cart); the choirs and youth orchestras of the Teatro Massimo, directed by the masters Michele De Luca and Salvatore Punturo; the Marching Band of the Brass Group; the professors and students of the Conservatories of Palermo (orchestra on the triumphal chariot and Festinello); the professors and students of the Conservatory of Trapani (Festinello).

And again, the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo (coordinated image of the Festino, videomapping on the facade of the Cathedral, costumes, sets and light design) led by teachers Fabrizio Lupo, Fausto Gristina, Luca Pulvirenti, Francesca Pipi, Martina Pecoraino, Sergio Daricello, Massimo Tomasino; the Fanfare of the Bersaglieri of Trapani led by Sergeant Major Giuseppe Blunda; the Banda dei Tamburinari of the Auccello family and many others.

For this edition of the Festino di Santa Rosalia, a documentary will be made by the Experimental Center of Cinematography – National School of Cinema – Sicily Headquarters which “will tell the fervor of the wait for a city that will finally be able to fully relive the event in which the Palermitans have recognized each other for 398 years.
Doctors, nurses and all those who have protected us in this long period of infections will find themselves, together with the citizens, in the heart of a
story that will restore the flavor of an unforgettable historical event ».

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