The Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia

The Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia

The Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, commonly called the Santuzza, is an exceptional church for its religious significance and for its particular construction.
The Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, who is the patron saint of Palermo, is an important place of prayer and one of the most evocative monuments of Palermo, capable of creating emotions in famous writers such as the romantic poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe.
This church has a very particular structure and can be reached by car with a road full of hairpin bends from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of Palermo.
There is also a flight of steps that can be covered on foot that leads from the foot of the mountain to the sanctuary.

Address: Via Bonanno Pietro, 90142 Palermo

Phone: +39 091 540326

The church

The church was built adjacent to the cave where Santa Rosalia lived for the last eight years of her life, so as to be one with Monte Pellegrino, the sacred mountain of the inhabitants of Palermo.
It is a religious force that impresses tourists with its incredible view into the cave, architectural ingenuity of the past.
Absolutely not to be missed is a visit to the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia if you come to Palermo.

A bit of history

The Sanctuary was built in the seventeenth century following the miraculous event that put an end to the plague in Palermo.
A long staircase takes you to the sanctuary where you can also admire the seventeenth-century facade of this very original church built in symbiosis with the mountain.
As soon as you enter, through the vestibule and the hall with a dome, you have access to the cave of about 25 meters where Saint Rosalia lived and died.

Santa Rosalia

There is no sure information on the origins of Santa Rosalia, patron saint of the city, affectionately called “Santuzza” by the Palermitans.
According to the legend she was the daughter of nobles, perhaps of the lineage of Charlemagne, but she left the luxurious life after the refusal of the marriage with the count Baldovino.
The religious life of Santa Rosalia begins around the age of 15 when abandoned the paternal house, Rosalia chooses the life of a hermit and for 12 years lives in a small karst cave in the Quisquina wood in the province of Agrigento, today part of the Hermitage of Santa Rosalia. alla Quisquina.
After a brief interlude in Palermo, Rosalia resumes life as a hermit in a cave in the sacred mountain of Palermo, where she will die after eight years at just 40 years old.
She was proclaimed patroness of the city of Palermo in 1624, almost 450 years after her death.

Useful Info

At the sanctuary it is possible to get married, organizing the wedding well in advance given the considerable requests.
From the port of Palermo (Via Crispi) you can reach the sanctuary of Santa Rosalia by bus, with line 812.


The Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia

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