Sant’Egidio’s appeal to the mayor of Messina: “Fights for a law on poverty”

After the appeal launched by Emiliano Abramo of the Community of Sant’Egidio, we have seen many positive responses from the world of politics and from the various realities involved in serving the poor. In Messina Sant’Egidio assists over 1000 families providing them with food support and intervening in the city, in the center as well as in the suburbs, distributing hot meals to the homeless, helping children to study, visiting the elderly, welcoming migrants and more.

Even though Messina has a network of realities committed in this direction, the need for greater tension on the part of the city institutions is evident, therefore we hope not only that the regional law on poverty will be quickly enacted, but that this new dialogue responsible for politics around the needs of the poor free new resources also within the Messina political and administrative framework.

The cry of pain of the third sector: "In Messina the Family card is not enough"

The professor. Andrea Nucita, head of Sant’Egidio in Messina, declares: Our “Floribert Bwana” center in Camaro is a privileged place where many people from Messina serve and meet the poor, with generosity and gratuitousness. In recent months, since the beginning of the pandemic, he has been a point of reference for many people from Messina who have shared their needs with us, as well as their concerns and hopes. Therefore, we address this appeal to the Mayor De Luca, to his Administration and to the City Council, making us interpreters of the many requests for help that are addressed to us “.

Meanwhile, something is also moving at the Sicilian level: “It was time for the regional Parliament to notice poverty, a phenomenon that is not new in Sicily, underestimated and which is now emerging in all its evidence in this difficult period”. This was stated by the secretary of CGIL Sicily, Alfio Mannino, and Elvira Morana, of the social policy department of the CGIL. “To Hon. Miccichè – they add – we would like to remind you that already in 2017 a cartel of organizations, including the confederal trade unions and Community of Sant’Egidio which today returns to sound the alarm, presented a popular initiative bill that has remained a dead letter. It would be the case that the reflection of the political forces started from that text. Several times in recent months – observe the trade unionists of the CGIL – add we have raised the issue of the increase in unemployment, the collapse of workers’ income and the growth of poverty. The national government has launched some measures, but in the given situation they are insufficient for Sicily. It is necessary that the regional government – underline Mannino and Morana – take charge of a plan that includes not only economic support measures but also the strengthening of services and overall welfare and social inclusion measures, in addition to those necessary for the relaunch of occupation”.

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