Santangelo (M5S): “350 million euros are coming for 2021 to finance interventions on bridges and viaducts”

“The decree of the Ministry of Infrastructures has been published in the Official Gazette to allocate the funds we have allocated to favor the modernization of bridges and viaducts”, said the senator and member of the board of the 5 Star Movement in the Senate, Vincenzo Santangelo. Funding also for the province of Trapani, incoming 2,462,200.87.
“The law, introduced through various measures adopted since we have been in the Government for a total budget of 1 billion and 150 million euro, of which 350 million euro for 2021, is intended to finance interventions for the safety of existing bridges and viaducts, but also for the construction of new bridges to replace those with structural safety problems.
The resource allocation plan contained in the decree provides, with reference to 2021, a good 28 million and 780 thousand euros, equal to almost 8.22% of the resources for Sicily. Finally, thanks to the 5 Star Movement, concrete resources are put in place to modernize our infrastructures and to guarantee the safety of travelers “concludes Senator Santangelo.

Here is the distribution of resources among the Sicilian provinces:
Trapani 2,462,200.87
Palermo 4,582,203.55
Messina 4,850,919.86
Agrigento 2,172,557.88
Caltanissetta 1,807 .850.06
Enna 1,869,777.51
Catania 5,037,050.06
Ragusa 2,387,786.33 Syracuse 3,616,297.36