Santa Rosalia, the mayor, delivers the golden key to the city in the hands of Santuzza

Editorial team 04 September 2021 19:48

“The party is always joyful even if it is lived with the limits due to the pandemic. Today it is a moment of reflection that reminds us how in 1624 Palermo was torn apart by the plague and found the strength to face it in Santa Rosalia. Santuzza accompanied it. the people of Palermo in 1624 and still accompanies them today with a plague called Covid. The message of Santa Rosalia is one of care and attention for others and for ourselves. This is why it is important to get vaccinated and respect the restrictions. help to overcome this plague, together “. This was declared by the mayor, Leoluca Orlando who, this afternoon, on the feast of Santa Rosalia, symbolically handed over the “golden key” of the city to the Santuzza on the occasion of the recognition of patronage as the official patroness of the Montepellegrino district. The ceremony, promoted by the Santa Rosalia al Marabitti brotherhood, was held in the church of Santa Margherita Vergine e Martire.

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