Santa Maria di Licodia, wants to make his wife prostitute to buy alcohol: arrested

A 57-year-old from Santa Maria di Licodia was arrested by the carabinieri and placed under house arrest in execution of an order by the investigating judge, issued at the request of the Catania prosecutor’s office, for mistreatment in the family and personal injuries.

According to the indictment, the man, allegedly addicted to alcohol, was the protagonist of “continuous episodes of physical and psychological violence against his 55-year-old wife and 31-year-old daughter. Among the charges brought by the Prosecutor, he allegedly attacked physically the victims causing, on one occasion, the fracture of the finger of the right hand of his wife, who out of fear did not report him. Furthermore, the suspect disputes the accusation, “he would have repeatedly tried in vain to convince his spouse to prostitute herself to allow him, in this way, to raise sums of money he himself needed to satisfy his alcohol addiction”.

The woman decided to report her husband to the police. The man was placed under house arrest in a house other than the marital one.

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