sanctions of almost 2 thousand euros

CATANIA – On 2 April, staff of the Administrative Team, during the services arranged for containment of the diffusion of the covid-19 virus found some violations to the current legislation on health emergencies within some business.

The cops have sanctioned first the holder of a shop of auto parts site in San Giovanni Galermo Why without bezel, also applying the accessory sanction of closing for 5 days.

In the same neighborhood and for the same reason, the agents sanctioned the owner of a hairdressing salon for women, also applying in this case the ancillary sanction of closing for 5 days.

The operating staff then moved to the areas of Old Town where they carried out checks at a commercial establishment of administration of food and beverages. Here they found the presence of people that, inside the shop, we consumed food and drinks in violation of the current legislation on health emergencies. For this reason the owner was sanctioned with the application of the closing for 5 days and at the same time it was sanctioned a customer who stopped inside the room, without mask.

The total of the penalties amounts to 1,600 euros.

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