sanctions and complaints for owners and customers

In recent days, on the directives of the Police Commissioner Vito Calvino, checks have been intensified on the premises of the historic center and of the Acese coast for a safer nightlife. As part of the administrative checks, also arranged for the implementation of measures to deal with the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19, staff of the administrative team of the Catania Police Headquarters, on the night of last September 25, proceeded to check a bar / pub near via Antonino Di San Giuliano. From the check it emerged that all the patrons were without the mask for containing covid-19 including the administration staff. Considering that the owner of the business had violated the current legislation, the administrative penalty of € 400.00 and the ancillary penalty for the closure of the business for 5 days was raised, as provided for by art. 2 paragraph 2 dln3 / 2020.

Even in Acireale the police action was decidedly incisive. On the evening of last September 23, around 22.00, staff of the administrative team of the Acireale police station, together with the staff of the Labor Inspectorate, the Asp and the Technical Office of the Municipality, checked an outdoor restaurant on the coast of Capo Mulini, where fish products of dubious origin were identified, as they were not traceable. Therefore, 5 kg of fish were seized which, as expected in similar cases, were destroyed by the Hygiene Office by pouring sodium hypochlorite. The Technical Office has detected the presence of a toilet accessible by transit through the kitchens of the room and other anomalies to be verified. In addition, a forty-year-old Ukrainian citizen was identified at the entrance to the restaurant, who worked as a promoter to find customers at the restaurant; the following investigations made it possible to verify that the same was irregular on the national territory as it did not comply with the order of the Quaestor to leave the country. The Ukrainian woman was further reported to the judicial authority and for this reason, procedures for her deportation were initiated. The owner of the restaurant was reported to the judicial authorities for having given work to an illegal foreign citizen on the national territory, in violation of art. 22 of the Consolidated Law on Immigration which provides for the penalty of imprisonment from 6 months to 3 years. Furthermore, the woman was to be traced for the notification of a notice of investigation conclusions against her for having wrongly received the citizenship income. Again, on the evening of last September 24, the same staff of the Acireale police station, together with personnel from the Labor Inspectorate and the ASP, checked a bar in that center where, already in the previous weekends, they had registered important gatherings of young people, in violation of the anti-covid rules provided for by the “yellow zone” in which Sicily is currently framed. At the time of the check, the agents verified the presence of numerous young people to form an evident gathering; in particular, inside the veranda outside the restaurant, at least 2 tables were occupied by more than 4 people, immediately revealing the violation of the pandemic containment rules. Many of those present, realizing the control, have moved away from the room, giving rise to a general flight. The owner of the bar was accused of violations of the anti-Covid legislation, which provide for the payment of a sum equal to € 400, also proceeding with the ancillary sanction of closing the restaurant for 5 days, as required by art. 4 DL 19/2020. Furthermore, the customers occupying the supernumerary tables were identified for the consequent contestation of the violation of the prohibition to occupy a table in a public establishment in a number of no more than 4 if not cohabiting, also provided for customers.

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