San Vito and beyond, the flash mob against fires in Sicily

A puzzle of associations, from the Salviamo i Boschi Coordination which deals specifically with the topic, to historical environmental associations up to small groups of organized citizens: yesterday the whole of Sicily mobilized against the fires, giving rise to the largest event in recent years.

A hundred associations, thousands of people, more than 30 flash mobs that took place: many children, students, seniors, actors and artists, photographers and drones … even a sailboat! An extraordinary fact, made possible by the communicative ability of the Social, from where the protest started, which makes it clear how much the Sicilians and Sicilians are tired of witnessing helpless in the devastation of their territory.

A wave of protest but also of spontaneity and beauty crossed the island, involving from Ragusa to Trapani passing through Iblei, Peloritani, Madonie, to land in front of the Palazzo della Presididenza della Regione. Here the signatures of 43,500 citizens materialized in twelve shapes with the names of all the signatories and the flash mob wanted to remind President Musumeci that civil society is waiting for concrete answers from the institutions. It is not enough to exacerbate the penalties, we must first identify the culprits at all levels and only then punish them. Above all, it is necessary to work on prevention, to prevent fires from breaking out through adequate control of the territory and active supervision of sensitive areas. But this year prevention starts even later than in other years. How will the cleaning of the fire protection boulevards be completed by June 15 if the projects to have access to European funds have not yet been presented? The picture that emerges is truly bleak: there are no signs of change despite the 35,900 hectares of total surface that went up in smoke last summer. It is also against these defaults and these delays that the various flash mobs have protested.

Citizens are aware of the danger that Sicily is running with 70% of its territory already at risk of desertification and yesterday they wanted to make their voices heard (and their active proposals, already presented to the regional government) before the start of the season summer. “We do not want yet another summer of fires, as unfortunately the first fires of the Iblei and Vendicari suggest. No more fires, no more promises, no more crocodile tears. The time to act is now. We will continue to Scruscio until we see concrete results ”say the organizers of the Flash mob.

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