San Mauro Castelverde wins the Borghi call of the PNRR, winning 1,600,000 Euros

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The project “Borgo Vivo: San Mauro Castelverde from mandamento to change” of the Municipality of San Mauro Castelverde with the coordination of prof.
Fabrizio Ferreri, territorial sociologist,

was the winner of the Borghi call for PNRR Linea B, winning € 1,600,000.
Fourth in Sicily and first in the province of Palermo, the Borgo Vivo project is a synthesis of culture, tourism and new entrepreneurship within a vision that focuses on creativity, the values ​​of the territory and the needs expressed by the community.
According to a program of integrated and multisectoral interventions that enhances the various attractions of the village including its landscape dimension and involves, with different roles and functions, multiple user targets (resident population, tourists and visitors, Mauritian communities abroad), the Borgo Vivo project develops along 5 vertical thematic areas: Culture, Community, Agora, Way, Story.
In detail, the project envisages the redevelopment of the former Collegio di Maria which will host the Paolo Prestigiacomo House of Poetry with its cultural activities; the redevelopment of the historic windmill and the workshops of the artisans who will form, together with other sites in the village, the Mauritian Ecomuseum (which also includes a section dedicated to Maurinians from overseas); the creation of an incubator of community businesses which will lead to the establishment of a community cooperative composed mainly of local young people; the establishment of a School of Trades for the updating of the main agricultural and artisan activities of the area; the revitalization of the historic theater of San Mauro Castelverde with a community theater project that will encourage, as a side activity, the formation of new cultural enterprises; the strengthening of the Paolo Prestigiacomo Poetry Festival; the enhancement of the historic musical band of San Mauro Castelverde, intended above all in its implications of cultural stimulus and aggregation for the local youth; the construction of a very wide and articulated path network that will connect an important part of the Madonie and which has been designed with a specific focus on people with disabilities; the creation of an innovative multichannel communication campaign, which will also enhance local creatives and will focus on the creation of a short film based on the work “Karsa” by the Maurinian-born writer Mauro Turrisi Grifeo.
In the design, the cornerstones were: the productive and generative role of culture, creativity and traditional knowledge suitably updated; the community recognized as an active and central player in local development processes (“community based” approach); the centrality of tangible and intangible territorial resources as fundamental elements on which to build new endogenous paths of local development; the value of public-private synergies and the need to focus on widespread human capital in the integration, exchange and virtuous dialogue between internal and external resources, between local inhabitants and experts who bring their know-how from outside in a perspective transfer of skills; sustainability not as a limit, but as a new value framework where to build lasting, participatory, shared development.
“With the wish – declared the mayor Giuseppe Minutilla satisfied – that with the contribution of this very important announcement the development path undertaken by San Mauro Castelverde can continue with further strength and conviction”.

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