San Leone drug dealing: 2 arrests (ft and vd)


A thriving drug dealing activity carried out in the light of the sun in the heart of San Leone, the center of the Agrigento nightlife. The policemen of the narcotics section of the Flying Squad of Agrigento, led by Giovanni Minardi, arrested two people – Alessandro Trupia, 30 years old from Agrigento and Faisal Haouari, 27, simultaneously – notifying the bans against BA, aged 22, and Luigi Andrea De Marco, 20 years old. At the latter's home the policemen also found 122 grams of hashish.

The investigation, coordinated by the deputy public prosecutor Gloria Andreoli, develops between May and September 2018: with the help of television cameras, numerous episodes of drug cession – hashish, marijuana, cocaine and basket makers – have been ascertained, all in light of sole (hence the name of the operation Sunlight drug). Shop in the main square, which hosts thousands of young people mainly in the summer months, but also …

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