San Gregorio, 40 years after the massacre: the state does not forget

CATANIA – On 10 November 1979 at the tollbooth of San Gregorio di Catania the mafia brutally killed three servants of the State, the deputy brigadier Giovanni Bellissima (24 years), and the pinned Salvatore Bologna (41 years) and Domenico Marrara (50 years) , in service to the Provincial Carabinieri Command of Catania. The commando went into action to free and kill, after a few days, the boss Angelo Pavone, aka "face of an angel", who was to be transferred from the prison of Catania to that of Bologna.

This morning, in the presence of civil and military authorities, at the toll booth of San Gregorio, the mayor Carmelo Corsaro and the provincial commander of the Carabinieri of Catania, Colonel Raffaele Covetti, in the presence of the families of the victims of duty, laid a laurel wreath nearby …

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