San Giovanni La Punta, the La Verde La Malfa Foundation – Parco dell’Arte hosts the exhibition “NEEEV. It is not exotic, it is vital ”by Begoña Zubero

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From 25 June to 6 November 2022 the La Verde La Malfa Foundation – Parco dell’Arte hosts the exhibition “NEEEV.
It is not exotic, it is vital ”by Begoña Zubero, curated by Giorgio Agnisola, promoted and conceived by the president of the Alfredo La Malfa Foundation and by Dario Cunsolo, with the patronage of the Municipality of San Giovanni La Punta.

Originally from Bilbao, Begoña Zubero in this solo show presents eighteen large-format photographs, which attest not only to her great talent, gratified over the years by a long series of extremely valuable exhibition events, but also constitute the last stage of an artistic journey that, from the very beginning, he has seen her define and deepen a thesis photography, characterized by an undeniable formal and aesthetic technique in which documentation and research have made it possible to give life to representations of great intellectual intensity.

During her career, Begoña Zubero has worked in different fields, from photographic realism of urban spaces and still lifes to experimenting with the abstraction of subjective photography.

The works on display were made in December 2018 and portray the city of Mosul, Iraq, in the moment of reconstruction, a few months after the terrible attack that led to the surrender of the Islamic State.
The moment in which the city surprisingly returns to a daily life that we imagine impossible, but which rises again among the cracks of destruction, thanks to the ability of the human being to survive in adverse conditions.

“When you arrive in a conflict zone for the first time, with an open project, as well as a great uncertainty, you are accompanied by news and images of that reality constantly generated by the media.
You are also accompanied by the doubt about what your reaction and your response may be towards a context that up to that moment you have perceived in a rather distant and distorted way ”, explains Zubero herself.

“NEEEV is not a purely documentary project, although in part it is firmly based on this register; it’s not even about photojournalism, although I’ve never worked with material so close to conflict zones.
This work aims to be a plastic interpretation of a reality about which infinite information is constantly coming to us, but which is in fact enveloped in a continuous distortion.
A kaleidoscope, from wide-angle to telephoto, to bring the viewer closer to the feeling of uncertainty and dualism of a present enveloped in a perverse historical repetition ”, underlines the Basque artist.

The idea of ​​setting up this new exhibition arises first of all from the belief that showing Zubero’s shots to the widest possible audience can represent an important contribution that, in this distressing historical moment, art can bring to build a profound culture in favor of peace.

In this regard, Alfredo La Malfa, president of the La Verde La Malfa Foundation – Parco dell’Arte, adds: “I think that in the current period of bewilderment we are experiencing an exhibition such as NEEEV is among the most suitable.
Not only because it reminds us of the horrors of war and therefore of the unavoidable need for choices of peace and non-violence, of dialogue and fraternity among peoples.
But, above all, because he reminds us that in the hearts of humans there is not an absence but a presence: his works portray scenes of tragedies that took place in the most complete silence, but in these devastations a sense of life shines through, an indelible nostalgia.
of meaning, of a presence of Light that, despite these infinite tragedies, persists in humans “.

Illuminating in describing the content and emotions that emanate from Zubero’s works are the words of the curator Giorgio Agnisola who asserts: “Begoña’s images, however disturbing, are not dramatic, the few human presences seem to witness a principle rather than of an end.
So the shots oscillate between presence and absence.
Begoña did not allow herself to be emotionally implicated, she held on to the crest of an observing and meditative gaze, implying her own register of soul, but as a horizon, flight upwards and beyond, with frequent broad views and margins of sky, albeit leaden, far from any impromptu and contingent psychological reflex.
She does not hide, nor does she hide the drama, but she does not tell about the moving participation, but rather a tenacious and inquiring presence ”.

The same art critic from Campania then highlights how “Begoña does not read the news but the story.
She lingers to record the glimpses of a ruined building, silently sighting its arches, rooms, courtyards: she sees in depth, in time.
Begoña has a visual register that is both rigorous and very sensitive, which is not however expansive, invasive; rather she closes in on herself, almost hides.
It is as if she wanted to isolate her gaze, and hold it back, and then deliver it directly to the history of man.
Hence that sense of distance that the shots seem to have towards the observer and at the same time of intimate, rare, extremely contained poetry ”.

In conclusion, “NEEEV.
It is not exotic, it is vital “, for the La Verde La Malfa Foundation – Parco dell’Arte it represents not only an interesting artistic proposal, but also yet another demonstration of how much art can be fundamental in witnessing reality by raising awareness .

It is not exotic, it is vital “by Begoña Zubero will remain permanently until November 6, 2022 and can be visited by appointment from June to November 2022 in the spaces of the La Verde La Malfa Foundation – Park
dell’Arte, an institution active in the enhancement of the four patrimonial funds at its disposal (the Art Park which is part of the Grandi Giardini Italiani circuit; the section of modern and contemporary art works; the collection of period clothing and that of ancient books) and in the artistic promotion through the organization of
cultural activities and events.

For the occasion, a catalog has been created that offers a critical text by Giorgio Agnisola accompanied by photographs by Begoña Zubero.

The images provided together with this press release can be used only and exclusively in the context of reviews or journalistic reports of the exhibition.

Title: NEEEV.
It is not exotic, it is vital
Artist: Begoña Zubero
Concept: Alfredo La Malfa and Dario Cunsolo
Curator: Giorgio Agnisola
Location: La Verde La Malfa Foundation – Art Park via Sottotenente
Pietro Nicolosi, 29 – 95037 – San Giovanni La Punta (CT)
Dates: June 25 – November 6 2022
Hours: the exhibition can be visited upon reservation and for a fee (the entrance ticket will allow access to all the exhibition spaces of the Foundation)
Information and reservations: La Verde La Malfa Foundation – Art Park
0957178155 | +39 3385078352 |
How to reach us: bus from Catania
1) AST Catania – San Gregorio (stop in via Madonnina delle Lacrime San Giovanni La Punta / Trappeto) hours from 6 to 20
2) AMT n.
144 hours from 5 to 24

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