San Cristoforo, a drug dealer, hid the doses of “weed” in the little girls' case

Editorial staff 06 September 2021 12:43

The carabinieri of the wolves squad arrested a 39-year-old offender from Catania, who had already ended up in handcuffs last July because he was caught selling off in via Officina, in the heart of the San Cristoforo district. On that occasion, the military, searching his home, found and seized 30 doses of “skunk” type marijuana and 120 euros in cash. Last night the military, noticing suspicious movements near the home of the drug dealer, currently under house arrest, had access to the property by seizing 13 doses of marijuana and 20 euros in cash, hidden inside a case bearing the logo of a well-known Disney animated film. Drugs and money were seized, while the arrested person, having completed the formalities, was relocated to house arrest.

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