San Cataldo. The night washing of the streets of the inhabited center has begun. The mayor To keep our city cleaner, the contribution of the whole community is important

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The washing of the streets of San Cataldo has begun.
This was announced by the mayor Gioacchino Comparato in concert with the councilor for the territory and environment Michele Giarratano.

“Since the inauguration of our administration, we have been working to make San Cataldo a cleaner city, the mayor stressed – because a cleaner city means a more beautiful, more liveable and above all, citizen-friendly city”.

In particular, via Forlanini, via Avvocato Cammarata, corso Vittorio Emanuele, via Veneto, via Trieste, via Babbaurra, corso Europa, viale della Rinascita, via Mimiani, corso Sicilia have been washed.

The mayor addressed an invitation to all citizens: “the contribution of the whole community is important to keep our city cleaner.
Therefore we show that we love San Cataldo, taking care of it and respecting it just as if it were our home “.

News from Sicily 2022-07-02 14:32:00

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