San Cataldo. The new Youth Council is born with Flavio Bellomo as president and Caterina Cammarata as vice

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The new youth council is born in San Cataldo, a municipal body that has not been operational for several years due to the non-renewal of the bodies.
Eight months have passed since the inauguration of the new Administration led by the Comparative Mayor and the new Municipal Council, and despite various problems, a light is beginning to be glimpsed, that of young people.

On Tuesday 28 June in the Borsellino room of the municipality of San Cataldo the first meeting took place under the coordination of the Councilor for social and youth policies Gabriele Amico.
The deputy mayor Marianna Guttilla, the president of the City Council Romeo Bonsignore, also greeted.
Also present were the three municipal councilors who by regulation will form part of the presidency office: Chiara Fulco (Le Spighe), Marco Imera (Democratic Party) and Vincenzo Naro (Tradition and Future).
The first session was also attended by Marco Andaloro, former councilor, who undertook during his mandate to initiate all the procedures for the reconstitution of a body of such great importance for the institution to give voice and strength to the youth forces of San Catania.

After taking note of the composition of the new assembly, made by the representatives of over twenty associations, we proceeded with the unanimous vote of the president: Flavio Bellomo (ASD Sancataldese ass.) Who will be assisted in the presidency office by Caterina Cammarata as vice president (Ass MAT MAT), Anthony Galletti as secretary (Action ass.), Gaia Ilardo (Luigi Russo Biological High School), Andrea La Fisca (Tradition and Future ass.) and Andrea Zimarmani (Medea theater ass.), the latter as advisers.

These are the names of the representatives of the other youth organizations present at the assembly, varied in spirit and proposals: Roberto Goto (ass Le Spighe), Candida Riggi (ass TAM TAM), Marco Iacona (Movimento 5 Stelle), Carlo Falzone (Loop Eventi) , Andrea Butera (Hole Event), Federica Marchese (Cristo ReVolution), Lucrezia Saporito (AISF), Andrea Riggi (Jolly Joker), Marta Bellomo (Nike volley), Mattia Lipani (Real Dream), Luca Bella (Ass.
San Leonardo) Francesco Carletta (Young Democrats), Angelo Gulino (DoubleFace org), Salvatore Mosca (Free association of Sancataldese), Aldo Carletta (Gladio attackers unit), Davide Orlando (the smile game) and (Lega).

The councilor Amico: “We are convinced that a new path is born for the young people of San Cataldo, a place for comparison of ideas and proposals for our city”.
Many are the intentions of the young people involved, who say they are ready in the summer for the creation and enjoyment of various recreational, cultural and promotional events.
The post covid seems to be more complicated than expected and young people, seen as a resource, can give a lot.
The first official meeting will be held on Tuesday 5 July and in this regard the invitation to participate is also extended to all those associations, formal and otherwise, which have not been able to enter in time.

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