San Cataldo, donation from UniCredit for the Achille Carusi urban park

UniCredit supports the activities of the Straula di San Cataldo Association with a donation aimed at purchasing what is necessary for the construction of paths within the Achille Carusi Park. In detail, with the donation of the bank, it was possible to purchase and install 200 meters of fence, 8 benches with backs, 2 Picnic tables, 6 waste bins, 1 notice board and some tools for the maintenance of the park.

The Achille Carusi Park of San Cataldo was born from the action of the Straula association which since 2014 has been promoting planting initiatives of the most common shrub species of the Mediterranean scrub and living at altitudes of over 600 meters above sea level San Cataldo rises in an internal hilly area, located at 625 meters above sea level. The launch of this path had a dual objective: firstly to combat climate change and desertification and secondly to create an urban park near San Cataldo, which can be a place of aggregation and contact with nature and that encourages outdoor activities and the development of an educational path aimed at respecting the environment.

“The donation of UniCredit – underlined Salvatore Malandrino, Head of the Sicily Region of UniCredit Italy – was made possible thanks to UniCreditCard Flexia Etica, linked to an ethical project. The ethical charter provides that two per thousand of the expenses made by customers go to feed, without any charge to the cardholder, a specific Fund whose availability is intended for various initiatives and solidarity projects carried out by organizations without the purpose of profit, who set themselves socially useful goals. From 2011 to today, through our ethics charter, the bank has assigned over 2 million euros in Sicily to 185 projects carried out by non-profit organizations operating on the island ”.

“The Straula Association since its birth – declared the president of the Straula association, Dario Sanfilippo – has always carried out a social commitment aimed at raising awareness of greater attention to the third sector, solidarity and volunteering. In 2014 the evolutionary propulsion of the “Straula took the path of environmental protection and ecologist. We wanted to become protagonists by creating an initiative that could in a practical way put in place all the elements that make up our associative soul: an urban park in the city of San Cataldo as a gift to the city. The Achille Carusi park was born in an area of ​​about 17 hectares in the south-west area of ​​the city and, immediately identifying the micro areas to be used as equipped areas and tracing the path, an awareness campaign aimed at the active participation of all began. the citizens in order to make the park in continuous development, a creature of all the citizens of San Cataldo. The appeal came to those who show particular sensitivity to the subject, including the UniCredit bank which, believing in the project, donated to the association a sum of money useful for the construction of the equipped micro areas previously identified with an adjoining path. It was therefore possible to purchase and install furnishings such as fences, benches, baskets and decorative elements … Since that moment in that urban area, which was previously a victim of incivility, constant activity has been carried out planting, reclamation, tracing and planning, all with the effective active participation of individual citizens, families, associations, municipal administration and local authorities. Even now, despite the work still in progress, the park begins to be frequented by placing to the attention of the customers in addition to the recreational use also the civic duty to remove any waste. I believe this achieves the intended objectives: awareness raising, solidarity and participation ”.

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