San Cataldo. Donated by Rotary to the municipal administration, ceramic panel reproducing the former post office – Fatto Nisseno

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At Palazzo delle Spighe, the Mayor Gioacchino Comparato and the Councilors Marianna Guttilla, Salvatore Emma, ​​Michele Giarratano and Gabriele Amico, received a delegation of members of the Rotary Club San Cataldo composed of the President Giuseppe Carrubba, the Secretary Gaetano Alù, and Angela Giardina next president, who presented to the civic administration a 70 × 70 ceramic panel, which reproduces a portion of the original prospectus of the former post office of San Cataldo.

The work was created, at the request of Rotary, by teachers of the Liceo Artistico Juvara / Manzoni, prof.
Salvatore Li Gotti and Arch.
Luigi Di Salvo, Vicar of the San Cataldo complex.
The municipal building in Piazza della Repubblica, built in the 1950s as a post office, now houses in storage, the collection of simulacra used during the Seventh Saint, the “Vare”, for over forty years, meritoriously managed by “Giuseppe Amico Medico” Association, an association led by Claudio Arcarese, represented at the meeting by some members of the Board: Salvatore Gigante, Vincenzo Provenzano, Rosario Tabone and Pasquale Tumminelli.

The Rotarians also presented to the Civic Administration the tourist plaque prepared to commemorate the former Church of the Ecce Homo, an ancient place of worship linked to popular devotion, to the world of work in the mines and to some curious traditions.
The building was located in Via Verga near the municipal sports field.

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