San Cataldo. At the Carducci Middle School the Learn by doing project aimed at the inclusion and integration of pupils

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As part of the many activities of the “G.
Carducci ”of San Cataldo, directed by prof.
Salvatore Parenti, the project “I learn by doing – Never idle” 2021/2022, second year, has ended.
Referents of the project were Prof.
Natalia Viscuso and Emanuela Trobia.

Thanks to the project, aimed at the inclusion and integration of pupils and pupils, the spaces of the School have been decorated, embellished with significant artistic-expressive artifacts, activating synergies between creativity, integration and living together, teachers and students.
Therefore, an enlarged reproduction of a pictorial work by Mauro Fornasero (“Sicily, land of sun and colors”) has been created, and a joyful map-composition that enhances the landscape and artistic beauties of our island.

Leandro Janni, Elena Dangelo, Bianca Torregrossa, Saverio Mangione, Mariangela Nardella, Stefania Lentini, Catia Anzalonia, Floriana Ferrara, Roberta Scarciotta, Carmela Messina collaborated on the project.
And obviously the students involved and enthusiastically participate Rosario, Gaia, Ludovica, Giorgio, Denise, Emanuele, Vincenzo and Emily.
Finally, the artistic panels have been placed and exhibited, one in the “Balsamo” complex, the other in the “Carducci” complex of the Sanataldese school.

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