San Berillo, installation of 213 urban security cameras started

Tuesday 23 February at 10.30 the mayor Salvo Pogliese and the institutional representatives of the Prefecture and Police Headquarters of Catania, in via Giovanni Di Prima n. 48, in the old district of San Berillo, will attend the installation and activation of the first surveillance camera in the urban area. The opening of the construction site actually starts the operation of a network of 213 cameras, which will be positioned throughout the city as an element of prevention and repression of widespread crime phenomena.

In recent weeks, the municipal administration, in fact, with public procedure, has contracted to a company specializing in video surveillance systems the implementation of a vast network of remote control of the territory that will be managed by the operations room of the joint control systems. , was awarded state funding for the safety of Metropolitan Cities on the basis of a project that the Municipality presented just under two years ago.

“I have no hesitation in defining this implementation of video surveillance as a turning point for the city of Catania in terms of safety and livability – said Mayor Salvo Pogliese-. Despite the condition of financial distress, the Municipality has participated in the financing of the State, but in this way we will finally be able to control the territory to limit the phenomena related to widespread petty crime and therefore improve the perception of security of citizens throughout the city. The symbolic value of starting the installation right from the old district of San Berillo does not escape – continued the mayor – one of the areas that citizens legitimately consider most at risk, but on which the daily work of forces and institutions has been successful. to give concrete signals to contain delinquent phenomena “.

The municipal administration project aimed at increasing the perception of the level of safety of citizens will be guaranteed both in the areas surrounding and surrounding the historic center, and in the tourist and social gathering sites, but also in the parks and sports centers, in the areas markets with a high density of illegal trade and in the peripheral areas considered most vulnerable. The installation points of the wireless network control units are a total of 32, each of which is supplied by several cameras: in the case of the old San Berillo area, piazza della Repubblica and piazza Grenoble, there will be a total of 19 cameras that will monitor the entire area 24 hours a day. .