Samuele Palumbo dreams of leading his own band, but wants to finish conservatory first

Samuele Palumbo, a 13-year-old violinist and winner of the talent show “Tu si que vales,” is focused on the present and his daily work to achieve his dream of forming his own band. Despite his recent success, he remains grounded and mature beyond his years. Samuele is grateful for the national exposure and the opportunity to meet influential people, but he remains concentrated on his studies at the Scarlatti Conservatory in Palermo and his desire to form a band and perform around the country. His passion for music and the violin runs in the family, and he is also a member of the Kids Orchestra at the Teatro Massimo, which he credits for helping him grow and enjoy his passion. Samuele’s message to his peers is to believe in themselves, follow their passions, and have fun while doing so, as dreams can be achieved with belief and perseverance.

Da Tu si que vales ad una band tutta sua, i sogni di Samuele Palumbo: «Ma prima finisco il conservatorio»

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