Sambuca di Sicilia revives ancient Zabut with Saracen Festivals, preserving its history

The Saracen Festivals, a historic reenactment event, are returning to Sambuca di Sicilia, the ancient Arab city of Zabut. Taking place on August 19, 20, and 22, the festivals attract tourists from around the world. With the participation of 140 actors and performers, the event consists of a route with 23 theatrical scenes and the opportunity to taste typical local products. The festivals tell the fascinating story of Sambuca, which was voted the most beautiful village in Italy in 2016. The reenactments focus on the founding of the village by a group of Saracens led by Emir Al Zabut. The performances are staged in the original setting of Sambuca’s historical events, resembling an open-air theater. The route reconstructs historical episodes and daily life moments until reaching the highest point at the foot of the Matrice, built on the remains of Emir Al Zabut’s Castle, which gave its name to the city.

Nell’antica Zabut tornano le Festa Saracene: Sambuca di Sicilia racconta la sua storia

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