"Salvini, a disaster for Lampedusa But now the Democratic Party must wake up"

While the corpses of the last shipwreck of Lampedusa continued to surface, the mayor, Totò Martello, commented discouraged: "We just have to listen to the silence of the dead. We are alone to collect them at sea, to mourn them and bury them. We are surrounded by silence and indifference ”. An island theater of an uninterrupted tragedy, the landing of the living and the dead, a sign of immoderate attention or indifference. And whoever collected the bodies feels the cold of solitude.

Mayor Martello, has anything changed for you with the new government?

"Yes, something has changed. Before they didn't realize it, as they say, they didn't listen to us, they didn't take us into consideration; I speak of the yellow-green team, obviously. Now we are discussing, at least, there is an interlocution with the ministry of …

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