Salvatore “Turi” Ercolano, the boss who stitched his mouth to the maxi trial in Palermo, is arrested

CATANIA – Back to the center of the viewfinder, with a custody order to the House arrest, Salvatore Ercolano said “Turi“, Aged 70, exponent of Santapaola-Ercolano clan from Catania.

THE carabinieri of Turin, the city where he resides, have it arrested on charges of illegal carrying and possession of weapons: in fact, he was running armed with a pistol.

In the past, it had been convicted of mafia in the Palermo maxi trial but, after serving 30 years in bars, he was free in 2013. Today, however, there was a turnaround.

Salvatore Ercolano, cousin of the boss Nitto Santapaola is brother of the clan leader Pippo Herculaneum, has a “criminal record famous especially for an episode that saw him protagonist.

In fact, in 1986 he appeared in the courtroom with his lips sewn together with a stapler in protest against the repentants who – to confess – had led to the arrest of many exponents of Cosa Nostra.

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