Salina: Troisi’s postman’s house spared from demolition.

The Court of Justice of the Italian administrative jurisdiction has temporarily suspended the demolition order issued by the municipality of Malfa on the “Il postino” house, made famous by the film featuring Massimo Troisi and Philippe Noiret. The judges believe that the property has significant cultural and artistic value, and they expect it to be protected in the future. The owner of the property, Giuseppe Caffarella, had appealed the demolition order, arguing that the house should be recognized for its cultural and landscape importance. The Court of Justice found that the property is already listed in the Sicilian Region’s register of significant places, and the region has made commitments to the UNESCO for the preservation of the property. The decision of the Court is binding, and the regional authority must comply.

Salina, la casa del Postino di Troisi non sarà demolita

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