Safe Easter in Mazara the carabinieri denounce 10 people

The Easter holidays that have just ended have seen the Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Mazara del Vallo particularly committed to guaranteeing a further intensification of control services throughout the territory of competence with the deployment of numerous crews belonging to the Stations and to the Radiomobile Section. The activities, organized over several days, made it possible to defer 10 people to a state of freedom, all already burdened by police records, and to report 3 young people to the Prefecture of Trapani as drug users. roadblocks, made it possible to refer to the Judicial Authority a 43 year old from Marsala and a 20 year old from Mazara who were held responsible for the crime of unjustified carrying of weapons and / or objects capable of offending because they were found in possession of 1 switchblade each, three people, between 41 and 30 years old, with regard to the crime of reiterating driving with a license never obtained and a 52-year-old from Marsala accused of the crime of reiterating driving with a revoked license. Following the numerous searches carried out, the operating staff referred a 21-year-old for possession of narcotic substances and reported three twenty-year-olds to the local Prefecture as non-therapeutic users; a total of 8 grams of crack, 2 grams of hashish and 1 gram of marijuana were seized.In the municipality of Vita, the Carabinieri ascertained that a 56-year-old illegally exercised his profession in a car wash and that two people aged 30 and 26, in the municipality of Mazara del Vallo, had illegally occupied a public housing: the latter were also reported in state of freedom to the competent judicial authority.

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