Safe data packaging to knee braces: 7 Sicilian projects in the finals of Unicredit StartCup.

Here are the seven Sicilian projects that will reach the final of the Unicredit StartCup.

1. PET Security System: This innovative security system is applied to PET packaging used for storing liquid food. It detects and alerts consumers of excessive exposure to high temperatures, which can release harmful substances into the liquid.

2. “Passi in Segni”: This project aims to provide linguistic and sensory accessibility services, such as sign language interpretation and subtitling, using AI technology. Its goal is to break down communication barriers for the deaf and promote inclusion and accessibility for all.

3. Smart Knee: This project offers specialized doctors in the musculoskeletal field a service that analyzes data collected through a knee brace equipped with inertial sensors. It aims to revolutionize knee osteoarthritis research by using big data analysis to provide accurate and timely diagnosis and management of the condition.

4. Portable Instrument for Solar Cell Measurement: This low-cost, portable device allows for the evaluation of solar cell performance by analyzing physical parameters such as current and voltage. It can be used for testing solar cells in different geographic locations and environmental conditions.

5. BioRESystem: This service utilizes an environmental sensor to study the effects of airborne pollutants on a reproduced respiratory mucosa in real-time. It targets environmental consulting companies, research institutes, and laboratories studying the effects of environmental exposure on human respiratory mucosa.

6. Algaemining: This project focuses on the sustainable cultivation of microalgae for the production of high-quality biomass. The microalgae play a crucial role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The biomass can be used as a key ingredient in the nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.

7. Easy-G: This wearable solution monitors the cardiac muscle by continuously collecting ECG signals. It is made by embroidering conductive thread on a cotton shirt. The signals are processed and transmitted wirelessly to a smartphone or other monitoring devices for analysis and visualization.

Dal packaging sicuro alla ginocchiera per i dati medici: ecco i 7 progetti siciliani in finale alla StartCup di Unicredit

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