Sacerdote arrested for demanding €100 payment from funeral agency

The article discusses the arrest of a 51-year-old priest, Don Vincenzo Cafra, on charges of extortion. It is alleged that he demanded a payment of 100 euros for each funeral he performed at the funeral agency. The investigations began after the funeral agency owner filed a complaint, and the priest was caught in the act of accepting the money. It is a common practice in various Sicilian towns for the funeral agency to leave an offering to the church, but in this case, investigators believe it was not a voluntary choice for the donor. The priest has been placed under house arrest and will appear in court for the validation of his arrest. The local community is in dismay over the situation, but the mayor expressed confidence in the priest’s innocence. This incident follows a previous case in the same town involving illegal competition and attempted extortion with mafia involvement. The investigation was prompted by a complaint from a funeral services agency owner.

Sortino, il sacerdote arrestato pretendeva il pagamento di 100 euro dall’agenzia di onoranze funebri

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