Sac and CGIL intervene to protect them

An agreement was signed between the commercial director of Sac, Francesco D’Arrigo, and the Flai CGIL of Catania, which aims to apply the “safeguard clause” to the employees of the “I dolci di Nonna Vincenza” shop. The shop of sweets and typical Sicilian products from last August 9 has ceased operations at the airport. In June, the Catania financial police carried out a seizure of assets against the entrepreneur Paolo Pistone, the grandson of the historic owner who recently passed away and administrator of Pas srl – holding, sealing land and financial resources for over 521 thousand euros. The provision was motivated by the accusation of failure to pay the withholding taxes made, as withholding agent, against employees with reference to the year 2016.

The news involving the workers was communicated by the general secretary of Flai Cgil, Pino Mandrà, together with the provincial secretary, Claudio Petralia. At the moment there are 43 employees at risk, a number that also includes other points of sale of the well-known confectionery, overwhelmed by the closure of the Fontanarossa store and by the legal proceedings concerning the property. The exact number of workers who will pass, subject to acceptance by the company that will take over the airport shop, to the new destination is not yet known. “But the first important step has been taken and we are proud of it. – explain Mandrà and Petralia – and we will make sure to accompany as much as possible and until the last step, the workers who certainly deserve a new chance, also thanks to the availability we found in Sac “.

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