Russell Crowe in Catania, the Gladiator moors the yacht in Porto Rossi

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Russell Crowe also chose Sicily for his holidays.
The actor was seen in Porto Rossi in Catania, where he moored his luxurious yacht, and on social media some shots with those who recognized him, despite the long white beard, and wanted to capture the moment ended.
Also on the Instagram profile of Porto Rossi the testimony of his arrival in Catania.

Several Hollywood stars have spent their holidays in Sicily in the past, including Steven Spielberg, Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Lopez and Sharon Stone.

The “Gladiator” has visited Rome in recent weeks, before playing the exorcist Father Gabriele Pietro Amorth in “The Pope’s exorcist” directed by Julius Avery.
On that occasion he posted a photo on social media in front of the Colosseum with the whole family and his girlfriend Britney Theriot: “I took the guys to see my old office”, he wrote.


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