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Running, Mohamed Idrissi and Annalisa Di Carlo win the Vivicittà 2022

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They were the favorites on the eve and respected the prediction.
Mohamed Idrissi and Annalisa Di Carlo, both members of the Mega Hobby Sport of Caltanissetta, triumphed in the XXXVII edition of Vivicittà Palermo which ran this morning in 30 Italian cities, seven foreign at 9.30 after the signal given through the microphones of Rai Gr1.
Seventeen prison and juvenile institutions involved.

There were over 430 athletes at the start who took part in the 10 km competitive match and arrived from the Schifani-Delle Palme stadium in viale del Fante and crossed the Parco della Favorita.
The 2022 appointment with Vivicittà took place in the sign of a restart, after two years of stoppage due to the pandemic, and of Peace due to the well-known and sad events of the conflict in Ukraine.
This is why this spring’s foot race has dusted off the slogan “the race for peace”, embracing the rainbow flag and the symbols of brotherhood, launching a message of solidarity, as is in the DNA of Uisp brand events.

Mohamed Idrissi, of the Mega Hobby Sport of Caltanissetta beat everyone with a time of 33’01 ”.
For him it is an encore after the success of 2018.
The Moroccan, now transplanted to Sicily, fresh from the victory in Agrigento at the Concordia half marathon and Italian marathon champion in the category (SM35), had no rivals, stopping by over 3’20 ”The runner-up, Salvatore Matteo Greco of Asd Palermo H 13.30 arrived at the Schifani-Delle Palme stadium with a time of 36’25”.
On the lowest step of the podium Francesco Crisafi (Asd Sicilia Running Team) who in 36’50 “almost beat Fabio Cammarata (Asd Agex) fourth in 36’54” and Roberto Di Bella (Amatori Palermo) finished fifth in 36 ‘ 59 “.

Annalisa Di Carlo certifies the double of the Mega Hobby Sport Caltanissetta by winning the women’s race in 39’26 ”.
Di Carlo is back from the flattering 17th place overall at the Roma Ostia last March 6 and boasts a personal “sub 3h” in the marathon.
The standard-bearer of the Mega Hobby Sport Caltanissetta preceded Barbara Bennici (Caivano Runners) at the finish line in 41’07 “and Laura Civiletti (Asd Atletica Mondello) 42’34”.

436 runners arrived at the finish.
The youngest in the competition is Giuseppe Camillo Cucina, 82 years old in May, who closed his efforts with a time of 1h20’58 ”.
Winner of the M80 category Giovanni Imperato (Amatori Palermo) 1h03’31 ”.
The largest club is GS Amatori Palermo with 42 athletes at the start.

Mohamed Idrissi, first in the men’s general classification, says he is “tired because I’m under Ramadan but happy: I wanted to win it after having conquered it in 2018”.
Annalisa Di Carlo, first in the women’s general classification, instead declares: “Beautiful victory on a course apparently easy but rather technical that after the second kilometer, towards the fifth, he made a selection.
The ascent of the Favorita was difficult “.

For Mayor Leoluca Orlando, “Palermo through sport sends a strong message of peace and closeness to the Ukrainian people.
Never before has sport been linked to fundamental human values ​​such as health and peace”.
And Paolo Petralia Camassa, municipal councilor for sport, adds: “This race means a return of sport to the open area in a community that wanted to resume this event which this year has a further meaning: we run for peace”.

The Vivicittà route developed inside the Real Parco della Favorita: a single lap of ten kilometers with the athletes who, after leaving the Palme stadium, traveled Case Rocca, via Ercole, then made an inversion at the so-called Leoni gate , then Viale Diana.
The serpentone passed through the Pallavicino traffic lights, Palazzina Cina, Villa Niscemi, viale Ercole again, Case Rocca and, after 10 kilometers of selection, I arrived inside the athletics stadium.

This year, due to the health emergency that still requires attention and caution, Palermo did not host the playful motor beating heart of the Vivicittà.
Lots of history, in the Vivicittà of Palermo.
In the roll of honor the six victories of Yuri Floriani stand out, five those obtained by Totò Antibo (two on the distance of the half marathon), three those of Vincenzo Massimo Modica.
Among the women, Silvia La Barbera has won six successes (the last in 2019).
The thirtieth anniversary edition in Palermo was disputed in the distance of the half marathon with the victories of Vito Massimo Catania and Tatiana Betta.